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Artist Avail (AAN) can help you several different ways.  With our programs, calendars, and availability from your PC, phone, or internet you can keep your agency and the world up to date with what is happening with your artists.

What the AAN website Offers: What the AAN website Offers:
  • An entertainment booking solution web platform.
  • No matter what kind of computer you have as long as you can get to the internet you can use Artist Avail Network
  • AAN keeps track of your Artists, Contacts, Venues, and Liaisons (Purchasers, Buyers, etc.)
  • Our Contacts allow you to keep track of everyone's name, number, cell number, email, and website. So you can look up anyone and instantly have their information right there.
  • Create engagement/contracts using your Artists, Venues, and Liaison then print or email a printed form from the internet.
  • All Engagements/Contracts can keep track of money due and money paid.
  • We offer four (4) different types of Itineraries.  1. View a calendar of all of your agency's dates. 2. View specific artists dates.  3. View schedules of events.  4. Create an embedded itinerary to put on your website.
  • Post an Artist's Holds or Blocks, which is checked when adding an Engagement/contract so there is no double-booking, and the holds/blocks also display on their own calendar.
  • Artist Avail Network can also be used in conjunction with our current software, Book-It  or the AAN software.

How it Works:

  • Input the talent into the Artist database.
  • Once your Artist is added then you can add an Engagement/Contract.
  • Once an Enagement/Contract is added it will appear on all appropriate calendar/itineraries
  • You can also print or email the contract once it is added.
  • An Engagement can also add the Venue and Liaison information you input into the appropriate database.
The Artist Avail Network is very easy to use and the web platform makes it very convenient. No matter where you or your agents are you can all access the same information and do the same functions as if you were in the office.

 How Much Does It Cost?:

  • AAN is very cost effective. If you are already using our software, Book-It  or the AAN Software and are on our maintenance program then the cost to you is FREE!
  • For up to 3 users the cost is only $29.95 a month or $299.00 a year.
  • For additional users the cost is only $8.95 a month or 89.99 a year.
That's it. No hidden fees or cost, and starting at just $29.95 a month you can run your office from any where in the world.

If you have any questions you can always contact us !